I am a self-taught artist, living in South Devon. Working within the tradition of English Landscape painting in both watercolour and acrylic. My aim is to share my delight in our surroundings, so I seek out the quaint and quirky in coasts and rivers, villages and countryside.

I spend summers sailing the coasts of the West Country and the Isles of Scilly. Sketching under sail or anchored in cove or river, I am able to do much sketching aboard. Winters in Salcombe still give the chance of days afloat and on the shoreline painting atmospheric low light over the water. I am presently walking the six hundred and thirty miles of the South West Coastal Path which is providing a multitude of seaward views.

My country upbringing lends an insight into the natural world, my architectural training aids portrayal of buildings in the landscape and facilitates the constructional detailing of boats afloat and ashore.

My work will have been purposeful if it inspires others to treasure and care for our heritage of natural beauty. I have exhibited in London, the Midlands, West Country, Greece and France and after almost half a century of selling my paintings and drawings I have collectors of my work all around the world.